About Gordan Dzadzic

Gordan’s goal is to help corporations develop the key leadership success habit & philosophy of unconditional self-acceptance, cultivate it by setting up the organizational elements that empower value generating employees, and with it – develop healthier office politics & culture and more productive business environment.

Because inclination for psychopathy is three and a half ( 3.5 ) times higher among managers than in the general population, the purpose of this initiative is threefold: i) to raise the awareness of the need for emotional stability and rationality among the corporate and government decision makers, ii) to show how to develop it individually, and iii) to show how to sustain it collectively – one corporation and one leader at the time!

Self-acceptance in business often has no place next to boosting self-esteem and resultant arrogance, egoism, etc. Others dismiss acceptance as the ‘new age,’ ‘alternative,’ or ‘self-love’. But, unconditional acceptance approach to emotional stability and rationality is an empirical evaluation based in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Being overlooked, mistaken, and confused by the business world, ACCEPT2LEAD Leadership Center’s aims to restore it as the precondition!

“Successful CEOs decide with speed and conviction” (Harvard Business Review, June 2017). Yet, despite being essential for sense of direction and enhanced decision making, clarification of values is another long neglected and avoided personal development area. Acceptance removes disturbance, but living your values ensures contentment and happiness.

Thus, ACCEPT2LEAD Leadership Center has two core services: full acceptance and clear values – and their sustainability with organizational consulting centered on reverse accountability.

Gordan’s diverse business experience and eclectic psychotherapeutic/coaching knowledge made him realize both the immense corporate potential as well as its countering unhealthy aspects. Having had various professional roles of an executive board member, an external management consultant, an international donor projects team lead, a startup member, and so on, he dealt with the business owners and high level international decision makers both corporate and government.

From studies in various psychological and communication theories like REBT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Transactional Analysis (TA), he gained skills and tools to analyze and change beliefs and subsequent behaviors, emotions, and thinking and, thereby, continues to help clients resolve their problems and achieve their goals.

His educational and professional background includes experience across United States and Europe.


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